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Air Conditioner Cleaning

Rockford, IL Air Conditioner Cleaning

Air Conditioner Cleaning Rockford, IL

Keep Your Air Conditioner in Peak Condition!

Air Conditioner clearing Rockford, il

Cut down on repairs and take advantage out of comfort and savings with a maintenance check and 30+ point air conditioner cleaning from Affordable Heating and Air Conditioning.
Our certified maintenance team will recondition your unit to its best performance, so you can rely on relief from the heat throughout the summer months.

A clean air conditioner is critical. Some obvious benefits are:

  • Properly maintained air conditioners last longer, sometimes up to 20 years. Have Affordable keep your unit in peak shape every year.
  • Inadequate maintenance results in more costly repairs and you will end up replacing your AC sooner than you thought you should.
  • Unclean cooling systems can cost up to 50% more to run.
  • Cooling your space with a dirty AC takes up to twice as long as it would if was clean.
  • Nearly all breakdowns are a consequence of poor AC maintenance.
  • Debris buildup in your AC system makes it harder for your air conditioner to get rid of excess humidity and heat from the air so will feel less comfortable. Remove this problem to experiencing total comfort

An air conditioner inspection and cleaning from Affordable Heating and Conditioning in Beloit is reasonably priced and can put a stop to unwanted expensive repairs.
Our maintenance professionals will clean out dirt, dust and other waste material as well as determine if there are any problems that could get in the way of you staying comfortable and cool all summer.

Tune-Up Points of Service Checklist for Cleaning

  • Oil motors
  • Check fan belts
  • Check fan blade
  • Check freon level
  • Check amperage draw
  • Check temperature draw
  • Check temperature drop
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check thermostat
  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Clean air conditioner
  • Remove all debris from unit
  • Inspect furnace filter
  • Inspect furnace blower
  • Oil blower if necessary

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